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  • I can see the other shore clearly.It might be even nicer at night.How about we come see the night view next time?
  • What is this orange-colored fruit? It’s pretty.I think I’ll get some as a gift for my friends.
  • That is the Wind Tower, or the ventilation tower.Beyond that is Kawasaki.I just realized how our son is a grown up man now.
  • We spent a lot of time running and laughing at Umihotaru.This has been the perfect family day trip—not too long, not too short.


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List of facilities


Built on a 650m island (Kisarazu artificial island) surrounded by 360º of water,
the "Umihotaru Parking Area" is a rather unusual parking area,
even by international standards.
It stands five levels tall, with parking on levels 1 through 3,
and commercial facilities on levels 4 and 5.
This is the only shopping mall on the sea where you can enjoy panoramic 360º views of Tokyo Bay,
as well as many shops, restaurants and services.

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