Conditions for participation and reminders

Tour Conditions (Please agree before applying)

Tour Conditions
(Please agree before applying)

  • All explanations and instructions during the tour aregiven verbally in Japanese.From a safety management standpoint,every group must be accompanied by one or more persons who are able to understand these verbal explanations and instructions given by attendants (Japanese-foreign language interpreter and/or sign language interpreter and such).
  • The tour meets up and disperses at the Umihotaru, so tour guests are responsible for securing their own means of transportation to Umihotaru (Guests are responsible for all transportation costs to and from Umihotaru).
  • The tour is a walking tour, so only guests who are capable ofwalking for at least 2kmandclimbing 120 stairs (the same as climbing to the 7th floor of a building)without assistance can join the tour.

    Since this is a tour of facilities that are used for road management operations, the tour takes guests through areas that are not designed for barrier-free access. Therefore, for safety reasons, persons in wheelchairs or persons who require walking assistance will be unable to join the tour. We appreciate your understanding on this matter.

  • Participants must be at leastnine years of age.(Primary school studentsmust be accompanied by a guardian)
  • Persons with pets or those wearing high heels or sandals will not be allowed on the tour.
  • Persons who are intoxicated will not be allowed on the tour as they may inconvenience or pose a safety risk to other tour guests. Tour attendants are authorized to perform alcohol tests if deemed necessary and guests are required to consent to the test. Persons that are shown to be intoxicated from the test result will not be allowed on the tour.
  • On the day of the tour, please arrive at the meet-up area by the specified time. Guests arriving late will not be able to join the tour.
  • Please make sure that you agree with all of the above Tour Conditions and enter a check in the "Agree" column when you make your reservation. Guests will also be asked to sign a waiver on the day of the tour.

Reminders (Please read before applying)

(Please read before applying)

  • Tour guests must follow the attendants' instructions and remain alert to avoid hazardous situations.
  • The tour organizer will not be held liable whatsoever for damages caused by accidents or other incidents during the tour. Tour guests are responsible for obtaining damage insurance or other insurance for damages that they may potentially incur during the tour.
  • The tour organizer may ask to see your driver's license, employee certificate, student registration or other form of ID to check that you are actually the person who made the reservation.
  • To ensure the safety of tour participants, the tour organizer may ask to check your belongings visually or by metal detector (including the contents of your day pack, etc.).
  • To ensure safety control, items that guests may bring on the tour are limited to minimum essentials including valuables, cameras, and smartphones. Please keep all other items by yourself, such as in the car.
  • Please bring a well-worn pair of shoes that are not slippery.
  • No strollers on the tour.
  • No consumption of alcoholic beverages, meals, or smoking during the tour.
  • Tours may be canceled if the organizer determines that it would be difficult to hold the tour due to unavoidable circumstances such as traffic closure caused by accidents or torrential rain, high winds or other weather conditions.
    If tour cancelation due to weather or other conditions seems to be a possibility, please contact the Tokyo Wan Aqua-Line Expressway Undersea Tunnel Adventure Tour Office at +81-0438-97-5269.
  • Please bring a raincoat if it is rainy. The tour itinerary may have to be changed in the event of inclement weather.
  • The tour organizer will not be held liable whatsoever for any delay in the tour end time. If a tour is canceled, the tour organizers' sole responsibility will be to reimburse the tour admission.
  • Guests are free to take photographs during the tour, but please make sure to handle photographs containing personal images with care and respect image rights and privacy.
  • The tour organizer may take photos of the tour for publicity or in-house operational purposes. In some cases, tour groups may be accompanied by news-gathering media crews.
  • If a tour attendant deems a particular individual unfit to continue the tour from a safety control perspective, this person may be refused from continuing the tour. Tour admissions will not be reimbursed in such cases.